Clicking an image could have hacked your WhatsApp account

Clicking an image could have hacked the WhatsApp

Users of WhatsApp Web (the browser-based version of the app) were recently targeted with an image-based security threat where simply clicking an image could have hacked their accounts. A security vulnerability was present in WhatsApp Web and it was recently patched by WhatsApp. By exploiting this vulnerability, an attacker could send a malicious code (virus […]

PHP 5.6.0. Released

PHP 5.6.0., considered a very important cornerstone by many, has been released today. The main features of PHP 5.6.0 include: – Constant scalar expressions. – Variadic functions and argument unpacking using the … operator. – Exponentiation using the ** operator. – Function and constant importing with the use keyword. – phpdbg as an interactive integrated […]