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Facts That Are Interesting About Running

Facts That Are Interesting About Running

The health benefits of running can never be underestimated. Running helps you lose weight, look young, strengthen muscles and bones, enhance growth hormone, prevent diabetes and stroke and keep your blood pressure under control.The benefits of running don’t stop there. Your cholesterol levels stay under control, blood clots minimise, immunity gets a boost, stress gets reduced and mood gets enhanced. Running is one of the first exercises mankind has ever tried. It is an enjoyable experience too as one may experience a high after running. You don’t need to buy any equipment to run and you can do it anywhere. This just makes it the best workout also. Here are some interesting facts about running.

Interesting facts about running are:

1.Running burns calories. Even those who cannot run fast can manage to burn 10 calories every minute during their run. So, it is worth it. Running can be a good way to burn extra calories. So, even if you can’t manage to run fast, you will still be able to make progress gradually.

2.Running can make your heart healthy and efficient. As your heart pumps and works hard while running, it is good to run regularly so that your health stays in good condition.

3.A study claims that runners can minimise their risk of suffering Alzheimer’s up to 60%. In fact, this applies to any physical activity, but running is one of the most primitive ways of being active.

4.Runners high is nothing but a euphoric feeling you get when you run. Your brain releases feel good chemicals which ease your stress.

5.Most of the runners claim to love bananas. This maybe because bananas energise the body and help to run with energy.

6.A research claims that the fat content in us can allow us to run for 3 continuous days. It means your fat can fuel your run only till that point. This also means that your accumulated fat can be lost if you run on a daily basis. But don’t try to run for longer periods on a single day as that would harm your joints and bones.

7.When your body is running, nearly 32 joints, 25 bones, 111 ligaments, nerves, tendons, blood vessels and a lot more should coordinate and work like a team. Only then your body will be able to move from point A to point B.

These are the facts that are interesting about running.